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Insurance and Workers Comp Fraud:

Typically, these cases involve a person who is exaggerating or fabricating injuries simply to swindle you, Workers Compensation or an insurance agency. Typically, these people are not able to "fake" their injuries for long. We can perform surveillance and obtain evidence disputing the false claims of these people. Fraud is a crime punishable by the law. It can also result in giving you the right to countersue for the false claim and possible monetary reimbursement. Let Long Island Investigations, a Nassau County Private Investigator and Suffolk County Private Investigator, find the truth!

One of our specialties at Long Island Investigations, Private Investigator Long Island based, is insurance fraud. Our agency performs insurance fraud and workers compensation cases regularly for nationally known major insurance companies on Long Island and in New York City. Our investigators are the best-in-the-business and have experience second to none. We are legally qualified, properly insured and recognized by the insurance industry to perform these cases.

From the ranks of the NYPD, our investigators are well trained and experienced in all areas of investigations including the proper procedures for documenting fraud situations, securing the evidence, completing accurate reports and when needed, testifying in court.

Several of our cases have resulted in dismissal of frivolous litigations and even criminal charges being brought to persons making fraudulent claims.

Several private firms have hired Long Island Investigations to perform workers compensation abuse type cases. Our results speak volumes! If you feel you are the victim of this type of fraud, we can help.






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